American Ninja Warrior is an American sports entertainment competition. It features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete a series of nutso high-rise obstacle courses of increasing difficulty, trying to make it to the annual national finals in Las Vegas. This show has been running on various TV networks since 2009. It features both men and women of every conceivable size and shape. Many of the contestants come back year after year trying to move ahead. While they are competing directly with each other, they vigorously support the other contenders joining with their family and friends, rooting them on from below.


As seen by watching our documentary film, The Political Centrist in the Time of Trump, our political process today is more akin to a “dog and pony show” (that is, according to Wikipedia, “ a colloquial term which has come to mean an highly promoted, often over-staged performance, presentation or event designed to sway or convince opinion for political ends”) than an ethical competition.


However, just as old dogs can learn new tricks, we can get back to honorable political tactics if we citizens demand it. Watch this show for honest and inspiring commentary from a stellar groups and experts.