About the Film

Centrist Doc 5

What does it mean to be a Republican, a Democrat, a moderate, a centrist, a libertarian, a liberal, a socialist? Can one be fiscally conservative and socially liberal? What is a political blind spot? Why do local non-partisan elections and issues showcase compromise?

We examine these and many more issues from the national, state and local level with a wide range of political experts and diverse opinions. On the local level we look at Marin and Sonoma counties; we examine California to highlight state ramifications, misunderstandings and changes; and we delve into the astounding preface to the 2018 Presidential election on the national stage.

Why are our politics so angry, polarized, partisan, biased, petty, perturbed, sexist, uncompromising and fraught with financial paybacks? Or are they?

Centrist Doc 20

Does age make a difference in attitude and are younger people engaged in the political process today? What about the seemingly never-ending campaign cycle? What about PAC’s and lobbyists, the 24/7 news frenzy, the effects of internet news saturation and social media?